Labor-Greens-Independent message to 4500 Australians: P*** Off

Menzies House reports on the latest efforts to suppress opposition to the Carbon Tax, as around 4500 Australians opposed to the carbon tax have had their submissions to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation rejected out of hand.

The 4500 number was stated by Senator Birmingham on his website:

This rushed ‘shotgun’ inquiry received more than 4500 emails in barely a week, but in an extraordinary abuse of democratic process the Labor-Greens majority opted not to receive them as submissions or publish them.

The Coalition dissenting report details the disgraceful treatment of the Australian people here:

In this report of Coalition Members and Senators we have included the comments of hundreds of Australians – not just those few who appeared before the committee in its select few days of hearings in south-eastern Australia, or those professional organisations who made detailed submissions, but also many comments from the more than 4,500 people who made submissions to this inquiry, which the Labor-Greens-Independent majority refused to have published.

To the thousands of people who feel like Noel Bowman, who stated in his submission that ‘I suppose no one will ever read this submission and in consequence I am wasting my time’, the Coalition members say we have tried to give you a voice. We could not quote or reference everybody, but in contrast to Labor’s determination to shut people out of this process we were even more determined to ensure that as many voices as possible from across Australia were heard.

Anecdotal evidence shows an overwhelming bias towards submissions in favor of the tax. According to the Bolt’s conversation, submissions in opposition were largely binned, leaving distorted public record.

If this is so, while the comrades responsible conveniently “disappearing” the opposition to Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation may get a “well done” from the Brown/Gillard government, but the similarities to the Road to Serfdom by Friedrick Hayek are unsettling.


0 thoughts on “Labor-Greens-Independent message to 4500 Australians: P*** Off

  1. I got some half assed gloating response basically calling me an idiot because my submission was not directly related to the legislation in specific. My complaint was due to the lack of debate and being given 6 days to read it.

    Now i have read it as they have provided it and I find the legislation to be as appalling. There  is a total lack of transparency and an elevated level of power. The mandate is basically to do what ever is required and it just gets worse from there.

    The only good thing is being a dinosaur scientist doesnot automatically get you to be a member. The definitions are vague. There is no mandate and no real governance that I can see in the legislation.

    • Frankly, I haven’t had a chance to read the legislation yet either. Though I am opposed to any new taxes anyway, the claim that its been on the table anyway is strong-arm, as the devil is in the details with any legislation.

  2. The government is aquiring debt at $2 billion per week; it apparently thinks the CT will get it the funds to reduce that debt but the CT, as overseas experience shows, will close down the economy and reduce the capacity to increase tax revenue. If this government were a chook it would be headless.

  3. It is woeful team. The CEO of the CCA has the power to enter the commonwealth into long term contracts with anyone for anything and the taxpayer picks up the bill. Further, there no checks and controls over the renegade CEO of the CCA. 

    The next thing that stood out to my boy band brain was the fact that the CCA has a mandate to do anything or what ever is required. 

    There are no targets ensued in the legislation and no checks and balances. 

    The other thing that scared me regular was the fact that the CCA has the power to acquire money and property, though I am not sure whether the acquisition is subject to just terms. The property or money the commonwealth acquires will be treated as property of the Commonwealth, so I am assuming that the tax receipts simply go into consolidated revenue. This makes transparency and accountability.

    Other than the appointment of the commissioners and such, I did not see a section on Ministerial Accountabilties although by the time I got that far I was pretty angry and frustrated.

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