RECENT: Climatological observing windows error

temp1996-300x296The timing of the 24-h observing window occasionally affects the determination of daily extrema through a mischaracterization of the diurnal minima and by extension can lead to errors in determining daily mean temperature.

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The Pause Update: January 2017

The complete UAH v6.0 data for January have been released. Ken presents all the graphs for various regions, and as well summaries for easier comparison. Ken also include graphs for the North and South Temperate regions (20-60 North and South), estimated from Polar and Extra-Tropical data.

The Pause has ended globally…pause-globe-jan17

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An Examination of the Medicinal Potential of Pittosporum phylliraeoides: Toxicity, Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities

Pittosporum phylliraeoides is an endemic Australian plant historically used as a medicinal agent by indigenous Australians. P. phylliraeoides solvent extracts were tested for antibacterial and antifungal activities and toxicity in vitro. 

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