Rossi Seeks E-Cat Design "for the people"

Here is the text of Rossi’s appeal, following up from the Oct. 6 test:

“The E-Cat basic module “for the People”, that we will put in commerce within months, will be 40 cm long, 40 cm large, 40 cm high, will weight 60 kg, the shape of a cube. I need a design cheap ( I want to put it in commerce at a price of 500 euros per kW) but nice, very nice. I will buy the design which I will choose and everybody has my honour word that I will not use designs not paid. I need it within two months.

Go to the report of Nyteknik to see the pipes position: that will be it.

Please send proposals to

I am sure that from the enthusiasm od our Readers will pop up a masterpiece.”

— SilverThunder 08:05, 8 October 2011 (PDT)

Real-time updates

Oct 6th Report

Data plotted

There is absolutely, positively, no doubt that this system produced massive amounts of anomalous heat.

Jed Rothwell


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