Academics and Blogosphere Eat Rossi's Dust

According to Rossi’s blog, Rossi is already self-manufacturing.

October 30th, 2011 at 3:54 PM

Great work.
1. How many 1 megawatt plants can you sell in one year do you think?
2. When is the next sell?
3. When will the home plants be available for pursued?
I know time is of the essence, that’s why my questions are so rash. Thanks for you answers the mean alot for me.
Hampus Ericsson

Andrea Rossi
October 30th, 2011 at 5:56 PM

Dear Hampus:
1- From 30 to 100 for the first year is what we are already ready to make, but
we will get exponentially faster in time
2- done
3- this is a more complicated issue, because we need complex certifications
Warm Regards,

Steven Krivit here, here, here and here shows climate skeptics a thing or two about how to really be a skeptic:

Fortunately, nobody appears to have given Rossi much money. But Rossi has abused the honest and sincere fans who have given him their moral support and encouragement. There is nothing wrong with wanting a new source of clean nuclear energy or wanting liberation from the petrocacy. I hope Rossi’s fans will remember their own dreams and desires for a better world and continue their enthusiasm for legitimate low-energy nuclear reaction research and technology.

And a good riff on what it would be taking to perpetrate a scam:

Unfortunately, if Rossi hired a bunch of actors to pretend to be the customer reps, created an elaborate year-long special-effects-derived series of demos, bribed, hypnotised or otherwise fooled Focardi, Levi, Kullander, Essen, Bianchini, Stremmenos and convinced a bunch of Greek crooks to set up a dummy company called Defkalion to pretend to fight with him over the non-existent eCat, to perpetuate the illusion and spin it off into a competing mirror-scam and convinced his former partners to set up another company called Ampenergo to pretend that they had a contract for The Americas for a substantial sum or that they just did this with no proof because they have worked with Rossi and trust him because he’s such a fine fellow, arranged for Piantelli, Miley and a host of others to try to fool the world into thinking that cold fusion was real, got NASA, SPAWAR, The Defense Threat Reduction Agency and The Defense Intelligence Agency to say nice things about the field, got Bushnell to make a fool of himself, sold his profitable company to his ex-partners in order to spend that wealth on a multi-million dollar scam; certain that once he got all the above ducks in a row he would pretend to sell the first device and then reel in the true target of his dastardly plan – the second (this time genuine) buyer of a 1MW plant that will net him $2 million dollars until they want their money back or sucker a $100 million dollar deal under the table because he has experience in pulling the wool over all these idiotic eyes and knows that they will just take his word for it and not want to test if his 1MW plant can heat a small village without truckloads of coal or oil or a big fat electric cable coming into the container from beneath the floor (no you can’t lift the carpet!) and that, in order to pull this off, Rossi had to risk discovery by interviewing all the people he subsequently fooled so that he could only invite the gullible Professors and not the brilliant anonymous posters on the Internet who surely would have found him out – then all bets are off and I’m with the guys who think that Rossi is an idiot and they are all geniuses.

Rossi's E-Cat: A Black Swan Event?

Interest in cold fusion among the establishment science has always been lukewarm, to say the least.

Nobel-winning physicist Brian Josephson left a comment about Rossi’s test on Nature Magazine’s Seven days: 21–27 October 2011, that failed to report on the 1MW E-Cat test (on the 28th).

The real news is happening today in Bologna, where Andrea Rossi, as per schedule, is demonstrating his 1MW Ni-H nuclear powered reactor. This event will be ignored as usual by this journal*, but reports can be expected in the Swedish technology journal Ny Teknik , and the Italian science magazine Focus .

*as predicted with >99% certainty, on the basis of Bayesian statistics

To continue, following the event: the demo appears to have been successful; you can read a report “here”: It is anticipated that there will be an AP report in a few days’ time, after which event it may be difficult for Nature to continue to maintain its deafening silence over this development.

Dr John Wright, an advisor to CSIRO’s Sustainable Energy Partnerships, previous Director of the CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship and Chief of CSIRO Energy Technology, described Australia’s energy strategy as plodding:

Now, I never discount the possibility of a disruptive technology – I often dream about being a developer of a disruptive technology, but I haven’t managed to do it yet, even though I spent a number of years in my shed trying to come up with something – something that will change the picture completely. Just look at what has happened over the past couple of decades. You just couldn’t imagine some of the changes that have occurred.

I must say that in the energy field they haven’t been all that quick and stunning, but perhaps its time is yet to come. There is something like a fourth generation nuclear technology that doesn’t produce any dangerous materials and is cheap – a variation of cold fusion, maybe. A method that turns water into its components, hydrogen and oxygen, cheaply using sunlight. There is a lot of work going on around the world on that at the moment. We have proponents of things like zero point energy, exploiting the weirdness of the quantum dimension.

Who knows what is going to come along. And perhaps we are going to need something like that to really get us to where we want to be. So pick your own energy breakthrough that will change the world. But I’m afraid in the meantime we’ll plod along with what we know now to push the edges of existing technology.

Things stand to get a lot more interesting.

1MW Test of E-Cat Today

Some links of interest for following the test of Rossi’s 1MW cold fusion reactor.

Daniele Passerini twitter feed (in Italian). Google Reader will translate it for you. He just claimed that Associated Press has the exclusive rights to the test today, so this one will get coverage.

Peswiki updates.

I will add more links as they come online.



“Yes, It is a breakthrough.”

Video of the test – big, noisy.

Input (blue) and output (red) temperatures over time for the 1 MegaWatt E-Cat test at Bologna on the 28th of October 2011.

No Longer any Justification for a Carbon Tax

The main justification for a Carbon Tax has been that it is necessary in order to make lower-carbon technologies competitive with coal and gas. However, recent persuasive demonstrations of copious energy generation from a new technology based on a non-carbon nickel/hydrogen system show just how wrong this assumption is.

A significant announcement today from Defkalion, the on-off business partner of Rossi, indicates full production might be immanent.

The technological breakthrough of LENR (or CANR) is no longer speculation. It is a fact that will eventually change the world’s energy problems and its sociopolitical divides through cheap, clean and green energy. The world needs LENR as a new energy source. Although change will not happen over-night, LENR will help reduce CO2 emissions, lower the cost of energy, and provide longevity to our planet’s energy needs.

Defkalion sees its role with responsibility and asks the community at large to continue its support.

Defkalion has:
• Enhanced technology and engineering on Rossi’s invention or similar inventions
• Prepared business models for international expansion
• Established a strong network of global contacts
• Prepared legislative and certification procedures
• Ensured national, regional and international network in politics and business
• Prepared global financing

Defkalion has worked in close partnership with Andrea Rossi for a very long time to prepare a commercially viable and industrially applicable product using his invention. Defkalion invested a lot of money to evolve Rossi’s E-Cat lab prototype into its Hyperion product. Defkalion is now at the stage where its industrial prototype is ready for production.

Defkalion has held direct business discussions with 62 interested companies who visited our offices in Greece and witnessed our work. Small industry and large energy players internationally were all impressed by our progress in technology and engineering. More are still coming. Despite this phenomenal progress, Defkalion never made promises.

Our aim has always been to inform and demonstrate to public our progress when the final product is ready for use, thereby avoiding any speculations.

Rossi, however, seems determined to go it alone, continuing to solicit designs for a low-cost version of the E-Cat.

Hermain Cain 20% Up on GOP Contenders

Wow. Herman Cain is now 20% in front of his nearest GOP rival Mitt Romney. That’s 10% up in the last week.

His message. 9-9-9.

999 is the emergency number for a number of countries (but not the US where the number is 911).

Herman Cain has a degree in mathematics.

Cain’s 9-9-9 video concludes with text saying, “If 10% is good enough for God, then 9% should be just fine for the Federal Government.”

Praised by supporters for both its simplicity and its specificity, Cain’s plan drops the current 35 percent corporate tax rate to 9 percent, swaps the 6-bracket personal income tax system for a 9 percent flat tax and creates a 9 percent national sales tax.

The 9-9-9 plan eliminates the payroll tax and estate tax, which brought in a combined $883 billion in 2010, or about 41 percent of the $2.16 trillion collected by the federal government last year. Cain’s proposal also wipes out taxes on capital gains and repatriated corporate profits.

Cain is also a denier.

Watch the video. See the Left squirm.

Reflections on the Carbon Tax Vote

With the Carbon Tax legislation up for a vote on Wednesday, this is a critical week. Skeptics should embrace the challenge of communicating common-sense and logic over Green ideology. I feel strongly we should not give up, wave a white flag and surrender.

Every week there are more reasons not to pass this legislation. The global temperature continues not to rise. The ocean heat remains stable. Global warming appears to have peaked. More research is published showing flaws in previous studies used by the IPCC.

Even if global warming were a problem, which it is not, as hundreds of billions of tax-payer dollars have failed to find little more of concern than reduced Arctic ice, and reduced hurricanes, both of which are beneficial anyway.

But if it were, new technologies that are safe, cheap and produce abundant energy without CO2 emissions are right around the corner. Among the climate bloggers, I have been the first and consistently brought the Rossi E-Cat technology to your attention.

The E-Cat is a simple combination of nickel powder, hydrogen, a heater and a secret catalyst that produces abundant nuclear energy with very little radiation or radioactive by-products. People don’t get the importance of this yet. But you can buy one now. In 10 years this or a similar process will probably supply the majority of our power for a tenth of the cost of present sources.

The Greens say that its good to reduce our consumption of energy for the planet’s sake. That is utter nonsense. Energy use is directly correlated with human welfare, health, cleaner environment, and nature conservation.

Even if it does pass, the victory for the burgeoning bureaucracy and nervous ninnies will be temporary for two reasons:

1. With every passing year, as it has for the past decade, the temperature fails to meet the bogus model predictions, the poor science that bolstered this policy will be revealed to a poorer but wiser public.

2. As cold fusion technology takes off, the energy sources that need massive government subsidies like wind and solar will be first to go, then increasingly hydrocarbons, purely through market mechanisms.

Government intervention, research and carbon pricing will have contributed nothing. While ideologically motivated climate-science has left a bad taste, it will not last. The fruit of human ingenuity is sweet.

Rossi Seeks E-Cat Design "for the people"

Here is the text of Rossi’s appeal, following up from the Oct. 6 test:

“The E-Cat basic module “for the People”, that we will put in commerce within months, will be 40 cm long, 40 cm large, 40 cm high, will weight 60 kg, the shape of a cube. I need a design cheap ( I want to put it in commerce at a price of 500 euros per kW) but nice, very nice. I will buy the design which I will choose and everybody has my honour word that I will not use designs not paid. I need it within two months.

Go to the report of Nyteknik to see the pipes position: that will be it.

Please send proposals to

I am sure that from the enthusiasm od our Readers will pop up a masterpiece.”

— SilverThunder 08:05, 8 October 2011 (PDT)

Real-time updates

Oct 6th Report

Data plotted

There is absolutely, positively, no doubt that this system produced massive amounts of anomalous heat.

Jed Rothwell