Nanoplasmonics – a field is born

Axil Axil suggested in the Vortex discussion list – about the only list I read these days – the name nanoplasmonics for developments in cold fusion (while referencing a very funny mockery of how academics will revise the history of cold fusion in 2015 – “History is written by the losers”).

The field is so new, Wikipedia has yet to have an entry dedicated to “nanoplasmonics”, except as a subheading to an entry Surface Plasmon Polaritons. An effect seen in bulk Nickel powder is not a surface effect. The reactors of Rossi and Defkalion may be based on a plasma phenomenon like polaritons in a nano-sized bulk medium, obviously, the headings should by rights be reversed.

22 thoughts on “Nanoplasmonics – a field is born

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