How did climate skeptics know the scare was not real?

The climate scare is collapsing, it seems, as climate scientists everywhere are renouncing their previous certainty.

Skeptics OTOH have been consistent. This blog in particular has been challenging since 2005 the establishment global warming views on such predictions as mass extinctions, significance of warming, decreasing rainfall and droughts.

It is instructive to look into ourselves and ask – how could the skeptics have been right – when the consensus of the learned experts thought differently? As a recent post at WUWT asked – what was my personal path to climate skepticism? Particularly when one has never before been at odds with the scientific mainstream.

The answer for me was elegantly expressed by A.O. Scott of the New York Times review of the Disney film Chicken Little. He said the film is:

“a hectic, uninspired pastiche of catchphrases and clichés, with very little wit, inspiration or originality to bring its frantically moving images to genuine life.”

My theory is that due to their scholarship in other fields – such as engineering, the hard sciences, and economics – skeptics are attuned to genuine scientific insight and not deceived by the “uninspired pastiche of catchphrases and clichés” that constitutes the majority of global warming research.

66 thoughts on “How did climate skeptics know the scare was not real?

  1. Paraphrasing Jean Francois Revel, the mystery of climate alarmism is not the disinformation — reliable information on the poverty of AGW climate science has always been easy to obtain — but people’s willingness to be disinformed.

  2. I think you folks have no idea what scientists are saying. They are interested in the amount the earth is warming, not just the atmosphere.

  3. What did we know? What we knew was simply that the evidence and the arguments presented in support of CAGW were not at all convincing. Unfortunately, too many people ignored both and presumed, or even hoped, that the handful of climate-workers promoting alarm were doing so on a solid foundation. Why did we know? I guess because we were dismayed by the assurance with which very poorly-supported speculations were being promoted, sought further insight, and found no substantial case for alarm.

  4. It finally occurred to me to try and compare what they knew when they started screaming the alarm to what we know now. It was in 1988 that Hansen first raised the alarm in front of Congress. They had no adjusted temperature records so had no exceptional warming by maximum temp, delta t, or duration. The Poles were not noticeably changing. I think there may have been glacial data, but, nothing out of the ordinary there either.

    Basically all they had was Hansen’s model and their theory as far as I can tell. Any one have anything to add??

    Without adjusted temp series we have NOTHING now either with many glaciers regrowing, winters getting worse, and the Arctic apparently bottomed.

  5. Hello, I see that this discussion has been going for a while but is still open.
    How did I come to my views – well, I walked on Franz Josef Glacier in 1974 and was told that it was retreating due to global warming. After that it advanced, retreated, did its own thing. Funny, I never hear it talked about but its visited by many thousands of tourists.
    I also scuba dived and kept marine aquaria – nemo, dory, pacific sailfin tang, blue faced angel, fox-face, barramundi cod, clown triggerfish etc over the years. They tolerate a wide rang of temps in the tanks, 22c to 30+c. I can’t see why a degree or 2 in the ocean would worry them in any way.
    In fact, I live at Hervey Bay, Qld, Australia. In winter, when the water is cooler and the humpback whales visit some of these fish cope with 15/16c while in summer it is almost too hot to snorkel off Point Vernon.
    Finally some meaningful reckoning is being brought to bear on the Global Warming nonsense.

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