Carbon abatement from wind power – zero

Zip, nil, nada. That’s the findings of a two-year analysis of Victoria’s wind-farm developments by mechanical engineer Hamish Cumming.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money, from subsidies and green energy schemes driven by the renewable energy target, surprise, surprise, Victoria’s wind-farm developments have saved virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions due to their intermittent, unreliable power output.

Wind power advocate Dr Mark Diesendorf, Australian academic who teaches Environmental Studies at the University of New South Wales, formerly Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Technology, Sydney and a principal research scientist with CSIRO has not been shy about bad-mouthing wind power realists. See the renewable industry lobby group energyscience for his ebook The Base Load Fallacy and other Fallacies disseminated by Renewable Energy Deniers.

The verdict is in – wind power is a green theory that simply generates waste heat.

However, Cumming said the reports on greenhouse gas abatement did not take into account the continuation of burning coal during the time the wind farms were operational.

“The reports you refer to are theoretical abatements, not real facts. Coal was still burnt and therefore little if any GHG was really abated,” he told Clarke.

“Rather than trying to convince me with reports done by or for the wind industry, or the government departments promoting the industry, I challenge you to give me actual coal consumption data in comparison to wind generation times data that supports your argument.

Also see JoNova


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