Final Day: NZ Climate Science Coalition vs. NIWA

Quote from the defense:

He must have been responding to our charge that NIWA did not perform its statutory duty. He said: “They’re not duties, they’re not called duties, they’re called operating principles.” This seemed to come from the current legislation, or recent decisions.

Where in the operating principles is the principle that government climate scientists be “in bed” with green groups like the WWF putting pressure on government to enact green policies.

The disclosures reveal several instances of government funded scientists working with environmental pressure groups. In one case, Greenpeace activists are seen helping CRU scientists to draft a letter to the Times and in another working closely with the World Wildlife Fund to put pressure on governments regarding climate change.

Industry groups and the general public are slowing realizing that carbon taxes are going to cost a truckload of money for little benefit.

Isn’t it time that industry groups stepped up to the place and started funding research into questions that are still controversial, such as the magnitude of solar effects on global temperature, and could mitigate green hysteria?


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