Ron Paul's Australian Support

Support for Ron Paul’s ideas is growing in Australia as shown by some recent pro-Paul posts at prominent blog sites:

Further support can be seen on Facebook, with of the Australian Ron Paul pages are merging into a single page Australians for Ron Paul 2012.

I try to reserve my judgement on winners, and study the trends of the polls and the shifts in the race fairly objectively, where the odds of him winning the nomination are slim. However, the following article on the tipping point dynamics of elections is interesting:

Ron Paul Can Win.

The following assessment from a social media analysis firm suggests the social influence, via social media, of Ron Paul is far greater than his current poll performance would suggest.

GOP Candidate Social Rank

As social media is not limited to geography, it explains the reach of his candidacy beyond the US to Australia. One can soon expect to see some his themes explored by the conservatives of other countries, such as 0 tax, limited government, sound defense and sound money.

After all, what is the alternative being offered? Continually intrusive and expanding government, growing debt and deficits, and a weakening, vulnerable nation-state.


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