Behind the Poll Numbers, Ron Pauls Support

Two things I have noticed while tracking polls that differentiate Ron Paul’s from the others.

The way support for Ron Paul is firming from the twitter tracking Eg. Support for Mittens has a tendency to droop suddenly, with tweets about him dropping almost to zero, but RP stays firm throughout. I think people are running out of things to talk about him, as they have with the other candidates. But RP at least gives people a hopeful, positive conversational thread. Perhaps that is how elections are fought these days. A series of posts. Building a
following. Like building a web site.

The other is in the Gallup daily tracking polls that while the other candidates “go up like skyrockets and fall to earth as dead sticks” (Paul Keating), RPs growth, OTOH, is steady. Its like, when a person decides to vote for him, they don’t change their mind. Maybe it is something to do with the barrier to committing to him.

Once you cross it you don’t go back. This is called “non-decreasing” in mathematics.

Mittens has peaked at 35% in South Carolina. Will he fall to Earth?


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