Now its Romney vs Paul

What an exciting days racing in New Hampshire in the Tour de President! As expected, Mitt Romney in the yellow jersey after his (disputed) win in Iowa, with his lycra and billion-dollar techno-bike, opened up a commanding gap from the peloton, but Ron Paul riding his $10 Malvern star and air force scrubs stayed with him and was actually gaining a couple of points a day (RPs speech here).

Ron Paul and Rand Paul “I Went” photo goes viral.

The press dishonored themselves again with some of the most blatant displays of bias since Climategate. Here is a screen capture of CBS reporting on polling of the candidates. Numerate readers will immediately smell a rat as the numbers do not add up to 100. CBS has completely left out candidate Ron Paul who was polling in second place with 20% at that stage.

Screen capture from CBS news report of the Suffolk University Poll.

These fraudulent crooks need to be targeted under the infinite detention provisions of the Obama National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 to celebrate the Guantanamo Bay 10th Anniversary.

The online polls on Matt Drudge’s site tracked the outcome fairly closely, with a small Paul bias. The problem with online polls is the sample can be very biased towards readers of that web site, so I have filed away for further reference that Drudge may capture a fairly representative sample.

On we go to South Carolina. According to Drudge’s poll (now taken down) Paul is polling better in SC than in NH. So don’t believe a thing the media tell you. Romney might run out of puff.


0 thoughts on “Now its Romney vs Paul

  1. Stuff like that is kinda sickening. Such blatant gaming of the system.

    I enjoy watching Jon Stewart, even if I may not agree with all the positions his show puts forward, and he has been highlighting this extraordinary bias against Mr. Paul from the start. It’s become completely neurotic of the media.

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