More Clues from Chan the Rossi Replicator

Another mysterious communication from Chan the Rossi Replicator has appeared. Curiouser and curiouser (said the E-Cat). In it, he gives insight into not only his view of the mechanism, details of the formula and activation proceedure, but also details of his lab:

I live in tropics and work outside under a tin roof. A large fan is used to cool me and blow away possible combustible gases. Concrete blocks are easy to set up for protection. I picked plantains for 6 mos to afford a good used glove box.

Would i be right in thinking this guy really does know chemistry? Two electrons + proton, aka an hydride ion is energetically closer to a neutron mass, making fusing of an electron proton “ensemble” with a nucleus as it is “assaulted by oscillated hydride ions” energetically possible?

1. RFG (Radio Frequency Generator) essential to HEAT tiny Cu particles which behave as short circuit to supply initial boost to 100 + C. It also acts on Fe by way of movement of particles which become individual magnets. It also aligns nano size Ni particles as if bowling pins ready to be assaulted by oscillated hydride ions.

2. Always use Cu for chamber. It has a permeability of 1. Steel is a shield.

3. I buy Mg powder from AmericanPyro. Place in metal container with attached tube for evacuating and pressurizing with H. Heated to 250 C and as it is cooled an uptake of H creates the essential MgH2.

4. Mix molar % of MgH2 30 (100% excess) Ni 30, Cu 20, Fe 20 in glove box. You might try igniter such as ANTIMONY TRISULFIDE or LITHIUM BOROHYDRIDE in tiny catalytic amounts.

5. Experiment with RFG to determine sweet spot for initial heating and then sweet spot for maintaining reaction, modulating pulse rate, frequency and power. Wave shape is important. Half wave sweet spots also exist. Key is sending Hydride ion into oscillations (e+p+e => n+e => e + Fusion)



0 thoughts on “More Clues from Chan the Rossi Replicator

  1. Sounds like a technology without a good theory. Requires lots of trial and error to make things work well enough to make it worthwhile. Leaves lots of room for future development improving safety and efficiency.

    Any opinion as to whether the RF is necessary to preferentially heat the material or whether it is just much more efficient that heating the larger mass?

    • There have been other forms of agitation: ultrasound, lasers, cavitation, that have shown signs of nuclear reactions.  RF is better because it heats AND agitates evenly over a volume of powder, instead of other processes that are not so reliable and controllable.

      I was reading some stuff about fractal antennas as broadband receptors. These Ni powders are also used for stealthy coatings.  I wonder if these properties are related to the low x-ray/gamma emissions from the nuclear process.

      There are a large number of papers showing  excess heat, but as you say, theory poor.

  2. Reminiscent of the dicscovery of Nuclear Magnetic resonance, now used in MRI hospital devices avoiding the non-p.c. word “Nuclear”. IIRC, atoms are ionised, they are spin-aligned by a strong magnetic field, they are activated by radio frequency waves which resonate at diagnostic frequencies. There is a lot in common, but what is vastly different is the implication of a nuclear transformation.
    I mention this only so that those with an interest can read of the pace of development and commercialisation of NMR after Rabi’s Nobel prize for Physics in 1944. I’m not implying that the mechanisms are the same as for the Rossi gear.

    • There are a couple of gentlemen on the net who claim that vacuum, electromagnetic fields, and heat can deactivate radioactive materials. Recent research seems to show that nuclear decay changes slightly on an annual basis. More and more it would appear that electromagnetics are a key to nuclear interactions.

  3. I will be skeptical until there is clear demonstration of either:
    1) Evidence that the amount of energy produced is greater than the amount of energy needed to start and operate the system and evidence that the system can sustain itself; OR
    2) A lower empirical standard for justifying development, but a reasonably convincing theory about how such a system can convert mass to energy.

  4. E-Cat ‘Cold Fusion’ Machine: Claims of Fraud Heating UpNatalie Wolchover, Life’s Little Mysteries Date: 10 February 2012 Time: 11:06 AM ETThis reports on a possible explanation that needs to be checked out.

    “If one of the wires in the three-core power lead” — a lead with active,
    neutral and ground/earth wires, all of which flow to a different prong
    of a three-pin plug — “was accidentally misconnected, the actual
    measurements of current witnessed by two Swedish scientists would not be
    the total power going into the reactor, and there would be an apparent
    power gain. One of the scientists who observed an earlier test has now
    agreed this could be so,” Smith said. He noted that such a misconnection
    would be easy to make. For example, the earth lead could be touching
    the active wire, either within the plug, behind the wall outlet, or in
    the jumble of wires inside the E-Cat machine. Misconnections involving
    the earth and neutral wire are also possible.


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