Cold Fusion, in Walmart Soon.

To some, the Rossi E-Cat device has come out of nowhere, perhaps fueling the skepticism. This article in the Nebraska Engineer (blog) lists a number of competitors that may soon have marketable applications.

These include

1. Andre Rossi, who is keeping ahead of the pack by promising an electricity generator within a year.

2. Defkalion Green Technologies claim they have a LENR/Cold Fusion product not based upon Rossi’s core design, perhaps based on another researcher Piantelli. They claim they will be announcing details of final products coming for sale this next week

3. Prof. George Miley has been involved in Cold Fusion / LENR research for many years, and is reporting energy density levels similar to Rossi.

4. Dr. Brian Ahern currently CTO of his own startup company, Vibronic Energy Technologies, founded in 2009, claims to have made a major theoretical breakthrough related to his earlier academic work at MIT.

5. In contrast to large industrial devices like the 1MW Rossi device claims are appearing of a simple approach, called Chan’s recipe, using a mixture of nickle and a metal hydride as a source of hydrogen, activated by a radio frequency generator. The accuracy of this report remains to be seen.

The view has been raised by Peter Heckbert that Rossi’s difficulties in patenting his device may in part arise because one cannot patent a “Natural Law”, thus leaving him wide open to competitors.

I think H-Ni fusion cannot been patented. The discovery and scientific proof could be awarded a Nobel price, but as a principle of nature it cannot been patented. Marconi could not get a patent for wireless communication, Otto and Diesel could not get a generic patent for combustion engines. They got patents for their devices.

Natural laws cannot been patented. Usage of micro- and Nanoparticles cannot been patented. This is already standard in industry and research. It is researched as a method to use the phase changes in Metalhydrides as a very efficient heat storage method by Max Plank Institute and as a method for solid state Hydrogen storage it is already used in many real products day by day.

The question in my mind is, what would the world look like, without the need for mining, transportation and combustion of large quantities of chemical fuels to provide the energy needs of society? And if this is so, how soon will the transition take place?


0 thoughts on “Cold Fusion, in Walmart Soon.

  1. So Rossi is in a hurry to get contracts and into the market before competitors so can’t waste time on long term tests to prove the technology?? As opposed to trying to work some kind of scam on investors and/or customers.

    • Thats the explanation.  He admits he has no patent.  The patents he has are worthless.  One would have to be paranoid.

  2. Answer to the last question: Almost certainly as soon as the nuclear technologies of 4th generation will be commercially employed and not later than the general fossil peak will take place. So generally in the next 35 years.

  3. Inability to patent a natural law makes a trade secret approach sensible.

    Overall if I was going to set up a cold fusion scam, I’d represent that I had a device that produced 100’s of watts that could be scaled up with sufficient development dollars. 

    Saying I had a 1 MW device would put me in the position of actually having to ship the same in the not so distance future.  As a fraudster that would not be where I would want to be.

    The whole art of fraud is getting others to ante up first in return for something wonderful in the (distant) future.  Rossi doesn’t seem to understand this very well as he is ante’ing up first.

      • Exactly.  Just contrast with Gillards carbon tax.  We are promised wonderfull things in the far future.  But you and I have to ante up NOW.  And hope we do actually get something for our money.

        Rossi should have a good chat with Julia Gillard.  She’ll straighten him out and show him the fraudster ropes.

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