Academics and Blogosphere Eat Rossi's Dust

According to Rossi’s blog, Rossi is already self-manufacturing.

October 30th, 2011 at 3:54 PM

Great work.
1. How many 1 megawatt plants can you sell in one year do you think?
2. When is the next sell?
3. When will the home plants be available for pursued?
I know time is of the essence, that’s why my questions are so rash. Thanks for you answers the mean alot for me.
Hampus Ericsson

Andrea Rossi
October 30th, 2011 at 5:56 PM

Dear Hampus:
1- From 30 to 100 for the first year is what we are already ready to make, but
we will get exponentially faster in time
2- done
3- this is a more complicated issue, because we need complex certifications
Warm Regards,

Steven Krivit here, here, here and here shows climate skeptics a thing or two about how to really be a skeptic:

Fortunately, nobody appears to have given Rossi much money. But Rossi has abused the honest and sincere fans who have given him their moral support and encouragement. There is nothing wrong with wanting a new source of clean nuclear energy or wanting liberation from the petrocacy. I hope Rossi’s fans will remember their own dreams and desires for a better world and continue their enthusiasm for legitimate low-energy nuclear reaction research and technology.

And a good riff on what it would be taking to perpetrate a scam:

Unfortunately, if Rossi hired a bunch of actors to pretend to be the customer reps, created an elaborate year-long special-effects-derived series of demos, bribed, hypnotised or otherwise fooled Focardi, Levi, Kullander, Essen, Bianchini, Stremmenos and convinced a bunch of Greek crooks to set up a dummy company called Defkalion to pretend to fight with him over the non-existent eCat, to perpetuate the illusion and spin it off into a competing mirror-scam and convinced his former partners to set up another company called Ampenergo to pretend that they had a contract for The Americas for a substantial sum or that they just did this with no proof because they have worked with Rossi and trust him because he’s such a fine fellow, arranged for Piantelli, Miley and a host of others to try to fool the world into thinking that cold fusion was real, got NASA, SPAWAR, The Defense Threat Reduction Agency and The Defense Intelligence Agency to say nice things about the field, got Bushnell to make a fool of himself, sold his profitable company to his ex-partners in order to spend that wealth on a multi-million dollar scam; certain that once he got all the above ducks in a row he would pretend to sell the first device and then reel in the true target of his dastardly plan – the second (this time genuine) buyer of a 1MW plant that will net him $2 million dollars until they want their money back or sucker a $100 million dollar deal under the table because he has experience in pulling the wool over all these idiotic eyes and knows that they will just take his word for it and not want to test if his 1MW plant can heat a small village without truckloads of coal or oil or a big fat electric cable coming into the container from beneath the floor (no you can’t lift the carpet!) and that, in order to pull this off, Rossi had to risk discovery by interviewing all the people he subsequently fooled so that he could only invite the gullible Professors and not the brilliant anonymous posters on the Internet who surely would have found him out – then all bets are off and I’m with the guys who think that Rossi is an idiot and they are all geniuses.


0 thoughts on “Academics and Blogosphere Eat Rossi's Dust

  1. What to make of Andrea Rossi’s apparent cold fusion success

    Following his first sale, Rossi now says he has orders for
    thirteen more megawatt-class E-Cat power plants. He’s offering them
    to anyone at $2,000 (£1,250) a kilowatt, which works out at $2
    million (£1.25 million) per unit, and says he has customers in the
    US and Europe. Rossi says a domestic version rated at a few
    kilowatts is at least a year away. He is also working on adapting
    the E-Cat so its heat output can converted to electricity,
    but this
    will require higher working temperatures and will take two years or

    (This “power plant” appears to be for heat output. For conventional capital costs delivering electricity see EIA:
    Updated Capital Cost Estimates for Electricity Generation Plants)
    Has anyone seen any data on the hydrogen and nickle input rates relative to heat output to get some idea of efficiency or benefits/costs?

    • Oooops,

      try this link:

      “Even though the percentage of the Ni that reacts with hydrogen is very
      low one kilogram of
      nickel powder should deliver 10 kW of energy for 10,000 hours. The
      consumption rate of hydrogen and nickel are 0.1 g of Ni and 0.01 g of H
      to produce 10 kWh/h. 
      Note that for every picogram of nickel that is actually fused or
      reacts to the hydrogen, much more must be added. Not all the
      nickel added will react. So if you add 0.1g of Ni to produce 10kWh/h
      only a small fraction of that Ni will actually be utilized. When the
      device shuts off due to running out of fuel most of the .1g could be

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