1MW Test of E-Cat Today

Some links of interest for following the test of Rossi’s 1MW cold fusion reactor.

Daniele Passerini twitter feed (in Italian). Google Reader will translate it for you. He just claimed that Associated Press has the exclusive rights to the test today, so this one will get coverage.

Peswiki updates.

I will add more links as they come online.



“Yes, It is a breakthrough.”

Video of the test – big, noisy.

Input (blue) and output (red) temperatures over time for the 1 MegaWatt E-Cat test at Bologna on the 28th of October 2011.


0 thoughts on “1MW Test of E-Cat Today

  1. Looking good. There is a lot of blog comment that energy is “pre-stored” in the system before demo  – but you can’t store that quantity of energy in the weight of chemicals stated unles you go for a slow action TNT decomposition. (I think. I have not crunched the numbers, they just feel that way). Unless there is an unknown tube or wire going to somewhere external, you’d have to be optimistic.

    • There is a presumption around the web that Rossi has to stage demos that convince the most adversarial observer.  We are lucky that he has a desire to be recognized for his achievement.  This technology may well disappear from the chattering class for some time now.

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