Sweet Thursday for Rossi Followers

Initial reports of the ongoing test of Rossi’s ECat in Italy are positive. The 1MW unit was also on display.

Having followed this story from the beginning, maintaining The Future is not Green, but Grey I congratulate Mr Rossi and all involved.

Lets see, some likely, and not so likely, predictions:

  • There will be a massive fire-sale of renewable energy products that have been underwritten by Government spending of billions of dollars, as it plays an decreasingly important role in Australia’s energy mix.
  • CSIRO renewable energy researchers commit collective intellectual Seppuku.
  • Within 10 years LENR will supply the majority of energy supply at one tenth of the cost.
  • The US economy rises again on the backs of a new technology, as the patent holder, Rossi, and supporters of the technology are affiliated with the US,
  • Massive geopolitical shift, as economies cut the UN and traditional oil-producing countries adrift.
  • Technologies based on massive power inputs, like desalination and irrigation on massive scales, become practical.
  • Climate scientists think up new scary scenarios based on excessive release of latent heat.

0 thoughts on “Sweet Thursday for Rossi Followers

  1. I certainly hope that the Rossi device works as claimed, but even if successful I feel your predictions of instant commercial hegemony are somewhat optimistic. For starters nobody, not even Rossi, knows exactly what physical principles are operating in the reactor. If the device works as claimed, then most likely we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what effects are possible. We would be at the point where Volta invented the battery in 1800, although sitting in a kettle with vastly different fish. Hopefully the low energy nuclear reactions (so-called) are mostly benign, but who knows what can of worms might be in there? What if your badly adjusted desktop nuclear reactor goes into meltdown and does a number of high energy nuclear reactions that nobody predicted? I don’t think that the customers would like that at all.

    If the device is successful then I think that a truly vast amount of experimental and theoretical physics would need to be done before these devices could reasonably expected to be marketed en masse. This might take 20 years and reveal all sorts of hidden problems. The physical processes might turn out to be easily weaponised for example. This is not pessimism, just realism poking its head in the door.

    However there is no doubt that this sort of thing is the way of the future rather than the renewables garbage. Lets hope that alls well that ends well.

    • Hi. The time-to-market is much shorter now. The physical principals  are largely known, except for exactly how the Coulomb barrier is overcome.  I think we know it is mainly a beta decay, which is an electron and low energy gamma, unlike fission that produces hard neutrons and gammas that need heavy shielding.  My guess is it is something to do with Bose-Einstein condensates, because it has to be known physics, but counter intuitive, a little like superconductivity. Piantelli and Focardi have been doing this for ages.  So I don’t think this is as left field as you say.  It is, however, just the beginning of the applications.

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