Is Bill Gates Rossi's Customer?

Rossi revealed on his blog site that The Customer is a person and not a corporation.

Andrea Rossi
September 24th, 2011 at 10:46 AM
Dear Simon Knight:
By half October we will explain exactly what follows:
1- where the 1 MW plant will be tested
2- all the (not confidential) characteristics of the 1MW plant (the complementary part is more reactors, of a new type that in the meantime we have developed)
3- possibly, who is the Customer, if the Customer will allow us to communicate his name.
The measurements will be made, as I said, by world top class scientists.
I can confirm that we are well in schedule, therefore all will happen in October.
I also confirm that in November we will start our commercial strategy.
Warm Regards,

Which made me wonder, could the person be Bill Gates? He has previously written an article at Huff Post titled Why We Need Innovation, Not Just Insulation stating what every rational person knows about current strategies of renewables and efficiency improvements:

No amount of insulation will get us there, only innovating our way to essentially 0-carbon energy technology will do it. If we focus on just efficiency to the exclusion of innovation, or imagine that we can worry about efficiency first and worry about energy innovation later, we won’t get there.

He goes then drops a hint about projects.

To achieve the kinds of innovations that will be required I think a distributed system of R&D with economic rewards for innovators and strong government encouragement is the key. There just isn’t enough work going on today to get us to where we need to go.

Under the Labor-Green Carbon Tax legislation the renewable energy sector will receive over $13 billion in funding, including $10 billion for the establishment of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), which will invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and technologies, and $3.2 billion for the establishment of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, for research and development into renewable technologies.

But the dim bulbs running the country determine that nuclear technologies, which Rossi’s is, will be excluded from the fund.

Not that it will matter if Rossi’s demo in October works, and someone like Bill Gates is The Customer. There will be an e-Cat on every desktop within 10 years.


0 thoughts on “Is Bill Gates Rossi's Customer?

  1. Rossi DID not say that the customer is a person, IMHO he used “C” as capital letter just in order to express reverence to his customer, that’s all

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