Clean Energy Solution on Target for October 2011 Test

Here is Rossi’s 1MW plant consisting of 52 individual E-Cats mounted in a shipping container, reported by NyTechNik.

Above is a video tour of the 1MW plant. A successful trial in October will prove beyond doubt a clean nuclear energy with at least a tenth of the cost of fossil fuels, without emissions of greenhouse gasses.

It will demonstrate, once again, the folly of governments trying to pick winners, such as the billions of dollars directed at renewable energy that will never deliver on its promise.

Rossi developed the technology entirely using his own money.

Compare this with the billions of dollars in renewable research and development, poured down the drain by the Australian Government on behalf of the Australian taxpayer. Most scientists in fields of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) have long shut up shop for lack of a small fraction of that amount of money.

If successful it will again prove that like anthropogenic global warming, modern science is motivated by the quest for government grants, discourages new ideas and new theoretical models, and is ruled by powerful special-interests.

See this recent letter from the DoE on cold fusion research:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Mr. Owens:

This is in response to your e-mail message to Secretary Chu dated September 13, 2011 in which you asked to know where the Department of Energy stands on “cold fusion.”

In 1989, a review panel that had been charged by the Department concluded that reports of the experimental results of excess heat from calorimetric cells did not present convincing evidence that useful sources of energy will result from the phenomena attributed to “cold fusion.” To quote the panel, “Hence, we recommend against the establishment of special programs or research centers to develop cold fusion.”

In 2004, the Department organized a second review of the field and that review reached essentially the same conclusion as the 1989 review. The Department’s Office of Sciences does not provide any funding support for “cold fusion” research.

Al Opdenaker

Cold fusion is still laughed at by the entire establishment science. Of course if the test in October turns out to be flop, the joke will be on me. I think I can handle that. If not, then the entire establishment science from the Royal Academies down needs a close look to see whether they provide anything of value.

How ironic if the free market delivers a viable, cheap, clean energy solution at no cost to humanity, when the social democrats whose reason-to-be is to save us from the market, as the Prime Minister revealed, have with billions of taxpayer dollars done nothing, nada, zilch.

See background article here.


0 thoughts on “Clean Energy Solution on Target for October 2011 Test

  1. I’m still a fence sitter. David, have you calculated the weight of steam at various temperatures that would be needed to generate a MW, thence the velocity of the steam? To me, a MW is copper cables as thick as a wrist, water pumps the size of the container, etc. My initial feeling is that MW should be KW. However, I’ll be delighted to be shown wrong.

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