Global Warming Trends – Gimme Some Truth

Richard Treadgold from the New Zealand Climate Conversation Group reports on the Statistical Audit of the NIWA 7-Station Review, claiming that New Zealand’s National Climate Center, NIWA, misrepresented the statistical techniques it used (Rhoades & Salinger – Adjustment of temperature and rainfall records for site changes) in order to fabricate strong warming over the last hundred years.

NIWA shows 168% more warming than Rhoades & Salinger – the method NIWA betrayed. The blue dashed line shows the warming trend when the method is used correctly. The red line reveals NIWA’s outrageous fraud – it’s much stronger warming, but it’s empty of truth.

The results of this audit corroborate the results of Ken Stewart’s audit of the Australian temperature record.

As yet, Ken has received an apology from the Australian BoM for tardiness, but no explanation for the 140% exaggeration of warming trends in Australia.

I have been begging BOM- or anyone- to check my analysis but to no avail.

Are we getting value from our public-funded science?

Just Gimme Some Truth original and HD version.

No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of Tricky Dicky; Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me; With just a pocketful of hope; It’s money for dope; Money for rope


0 thoughts on “Global Warming Trends – Gimme Some Truth

  1. Ken, Has the BoM indicated that they did an in-depth investigation when asked by New Zealand, or is there just the one-page letter made public some months ago?

    • Only the one-page letter has been made public. In response to a FOI request by Warwick Hughes, the BOM has produced a list of 159 relevant documents. Its refusal to disclose copies of any of those documents is currently under appeal.

      A similar FOI request by Richard Treadgold has been refused by NIWA on the grounds that disclosure (of old temp records!) would endanger international comity. This refusal is also under appeal.

      • Thank you Barry. The “detriment to international relations” argument was used against us in a world heritage matter. At least some of the Judiciary regard it as important, so don’t underestimate it. Please tic-tac if there is a FOI result. Geoff.

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