Critics of Niche Science

When the MSM reports on the commercialization of Ni-H cold fusion energy generation, they see parallels to the scientific treatment of AGW sceptics, citing “follow the money”.

If this new technology is real, it should be easy to prove and past failures – and outside agendas – shouldn’t stand in the way. Still, scientific discovery is expensive and money is often the X factor. Fortunes and reputations are made and lost based on results. Orthodoxies develop that discredit ideas posing a threat to the money flow, whether from government sources or from private investment. In the debate over “global warming,” scientists and politicians alike have resorted to repeating the mantra “the science is settled” as a means of freezing out researchers whose climate findings undermine public acceptance of the warming-planet credo and jeopardize billions in research funds.

This could be regarded an example of basic monopoly theory where the producers have an advantage in getting together and dividing up the higher profits. However, the more cartel member there are, the more difficult it is to maintain the “consensus”, and the smaller the slice of the pie. This is why a mainstream climate science has tried to limit and marginalize skeptical scientists who “undercut” the alarmist claims.

As always, the market will decide, but not without considerable sacrifice and dedication over a long period on the part of the skeptics and the truly innovative. Another solution would be the discourage academic cartels, by opening peer review and grant applications to a wider range of participants.


0 thoughts on “Critics of Niche Science

    • The latest I heard was the Rossi has split with his primary european distributor Defkalion.  They are not saying much, but an email surfaced that Rossi have a milestone demonstration, the device met most specs. but had low stability.  That doesnt surprise, a highly exothermic reaction with hot spot problems, long term its good. 

      • Hot spot problems bring to mind breding of cultures in Petri dishes and also pockets of fission-like reactions, some of which have more criticality than others.  Or polymerisation reactions in a poorly mixed test. As you say, who cares so long as heat out >> heat in.

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