The Problem with Renewables

Jim Hansen made his opinion of renewable energy clear in his latest newsletter.

[M]uch less than worthless. If you drink the kool-aid represented in the right part of Fig. 7, you are a big part of the problem.

…a humiliating assessment of the poster child of the Australian Intelligentsia coming from the author of the global warming scare.

More kindness than Jim is shown by Steve McIntyre in reviewing two other articles on renewables by representatives of green factions, when he concludes that proponents of renewable energy are out of touch with reality.

Hansen appears to conclude that no policy maker could be so stupid as to actually believe such drivel and therefore is forced to postulate that they have ulterior and unscrupulous motives:

But what is the problem with renewables? Andrew Bolt crunches the numbers:

[Lets] do some sums to see how such a plant would compare with some old coal-fired power station such as Hazelwood, which produces 100 times more power: … it would take more than 100 plants similar to Gemasolar, costing more than $30 billion to replace the Greens’ pet hate dirty coal fired plant, Hazelwood.


0 thoughts on “The Problem with Renewables

  1. Perhaps you will excuse repetition of a CA blog theme here, but do pick up a new Australian book edited by Andrew McIntyre “The Greens. Policies, Reality and Consequences.” It’s by Connor Court Press of Ballan, Vic, dated 2011.
    Connor Court have had the strength to publish controversial books and so can be regarded as friends if you have a good manuscript of your own, seeking a publisher.
    Andrew makes the point that the Green image that is projected is warm and cuddly, but the core policies are seldom mentioned, nor is the public image aligned with the raw policies. It its 150 pages this book examines over 20 policy statements from the Greens’ website, each by a separate expert in the field, so there are 23 authors. 
    They shred the myth of a warm, cuddly and renewable coat, because underneath is a mish-mash of zealotry that is fearsome. This reminds me of a pretty blue-ringed octopus, flirting for you to pick it up, then kill you.
    It would be beaut to give copies to your friends who vote Green by habit or from dislike of major parties.
    As for James Hansen, I have to conclude that there are signs of irrational expression that might be caused by illness. I’m not reading any more of his work.
    Finally, if you are of German extract, please rough up your former countrymen because much of the IPCC theme is being driven from Germany, as it has been for some decades. Old thoughts of world domination die hard. A trip down the Rhine is firmly off my travel list because it would help feed the buggers.

    • My subjective impression is that people are pretty tolerant on this country, and the Greens have benefited from that, but people are waking up with real concerns about this movement.

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