Global Warming Predictions for Australia

Once there were alarmists who constructed theoretical, unvalidated global warming predictions for Australia. Then there were the skeptics who asked, “Where is the evidence?”, and “How good are these models?”

The alarmists were backed by the UN, the entire machinery of Government, the CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, state departments, professors at universities, scientific bodies, quangos, green-groups, and rent-seekers.

The skeptics were regular arse-out-of-their-pants business people, retirees, bloggers, a few journos like Andrew Bolt, and a national newspaper, The Australian.

Doubt on Damage to the Reef

NEW Australian research rejects forecasts that the Great Barrier Reef will be destroyed within a generation by climate change, and finds that corals are capable of adapting better than previously believed.

Only When the Tide Goes Out…

In February last year we published a front-page story quoting then climate change minister Penny Wong’s warning that rising oceans could see some of our most famous beaches destroyed or eroded back “hundreds of metres” over the coming century.

Now we are beginning to see a more rational debate, with dispassionate discussion of the facts. 



0 thoughts on “Global Warming Predictions for Australia

  1. The turning point in past semi-scientific controversies was often a distillation of the objections to one central issue – like disposal of radwaste in the nuclear debate – followed by a period when the radwaste was not causing problems, concomitant with more and more experts writing that the issue was a non-issue.

    So here for climate change we have the distillation heading towards changes in sea level, more and more evidence that change is not the bogeyman it had been demonised to be and, finally, some more notable people telling it as it is.

    I’ve seen several issues go this way – DDT, nuclear, Club of Rome, man-made chemical cancers – and there is a deja vu. However, there is still danger because there are some malcontents who are doomsayers by profession (never mind the topic) and they will always be with us.

    • Interesting insight Geoff.  Sea level has the characteristic that its very quantitative; I wonder if that contributes to the role.  

      I think every generation has their apocalypse myth.  Ours had nuclear war, aided by the press vilification of Reagan.  My eyes were opened when I read his biography.  Unfortunately it scars impressionable minds.

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