ABC Bans the Lord?

The ABC apparently pulled its scheduled transmission of the debate and replaced it with the Tour de France. See the banned debate here. I thought Denniss was adequate if downbeat, but this censorship is unconscionable. Could this be payback for Monckton calling for the defunding of the ABC in Ballarat, or Australian media censorship as usual?

My lasting impression from the debate is how flagrantly Dr Denniss spruiked the Labor Party policy and put-down the Opposition. It must be great to have so many well-appointed friends. Lord Monckton OTOH bagged the policies of both parties, so he looked more like a fair umpire.


0 thoughts on “ABC Bans the Lord?

  1. The ABC pulling depended on where you were. On Channel 2 in Melbourne, it was replaced by the House of Commons grilling of Rupert Murdoch over the phone taps and the resignation of the Chief cop.

    In hindsight, there are web sites with the debate with Denniss. Two quite contrasting styles. CM used figures and numbers, Prof Denniss was mainly politico/social. Roy Morgan research has an analysis of the “worms” during the debate that they might allow you to post. The debate itself it at

    Gary Morgan hosted LM in Melbourne to following day and gave these polling results in summary. One feature he noted under the voting intention analysis was that Greens moved in a block, high for Denniss and low for Monckton. Attributed to lack of critical thought capacity.

    The overall balance of left versus right voters during the debate was that the left slightly favoured Dr Denniss over LM by a couple of %. However, the before and after the debate polling showed that LM had changed the minds of many people, up to 9% on some important topics like “Do we need a carbon tax?”

    Chris Monckton is formidable. Contrary to some folklore, I did not discern that he attempted to misinterpret the science. He was quite stringent about quoting source and result.

    In summary, logic and fact trumps opinion.

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