Reform Gillard Style

Has there ever been a bloat like this before?

Just think of all those possies for their mates (and Bob and Christine’s mates)! And just the fun they will be able to have with other people’s money (nuclear and CCS proponents are urged – forced – to stay away).

These agencies are:

o Clean Energy Finance Corporation

o Climate Change Authority

o Energy Security Council

o Clean Energy Regulator

o Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Advisory Board

o Australian Renewable Energy Authority

I would like to call for cost-benefit analyses on all these agencies – something that all economists would surely endorse.

More details on this “sophisticated” plan at Carbon Central.


0 thoughts on “Reform Gillard Style

  1. The Prime Minister tells us that there is the promise of more jobs even when the greens close the coal mines. Many will work in the above QANGOs.

    Please permit an analogy. There is a diesel bus that runs from Melbourne to Sydney every second day, 880 km. It is mandated that is be replaced by an electric bus. The latter has half the range and half the speed. Bus drivers are allowed only so many hours at the wheel, so there has to be a double crew to cope with the hours and some more crew to cope with the loading and unloading of luggage at the half-way point at Gundagai, where there is motel accom while the batteries are charged. This leads to new motels and staff at Gundagai, who have to be inspected by the Clean Energy Regulator or someone similar.

    I see the beginning of a spiral.

    Spirals can be ok, but NOT when they are “make job” spirals where the people could be employed more productively in making goods and services for sale to other countries, or to create new fundamental wealth. Elementary economics. The economists predicting more jobs are using a false indicator of productivity.

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