NASA: LENR Most Promising Energy Alternative

Dennis Bushnell:

The most interesting, and promising, at this point, in the farther term, but maybe not so far, is low-energy nuclear reactions [LENR]. This has come out of [22] years of people producing energy but not knowing what it is — and we think we have a theory on it. It’s producing beta decay and heat without radiation. The research on this is very promising and it alone, if it comes to pass, would literally solve both [the] climate and energy [problems.]

h/t New Energy Times


0 thoughts on “NASA: LENR Most Promising Energy Alternative

  1. Methinks this would be a wise time to refrain from comment, to let the science go to better clarification and to take out shares at an appropriately early time.

    After a brief read of the hypothesised processes, given that the actual process is not revealed, I’m a bit concerned at the lack of other forms of emitted nuclear radiation. One wonders why it is demonstrated for nickel to copper; on present reading, the reaction should be general for other pairs of consecutive elements, at least in the transition series, like any pair of Mn-Fe-Co-Ni-Cu-Zn.

    Interesting times. I wonder if establishment science cliques will bag it.

    • Definitely take everything Rossi says with a grain of salt.  He has to protect his IP.  Its something to do with Ni (and Pd). Id look at building up an exposure to Ni.  Be prepared to wait though.

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