Scientific Evidence for Baking Soda Treatment of Cancer

This post will probably cement my reputation as a crank after the one on Rossi. I followed up on claims from some natural health web sites that Sodium Bicarbonate, Baking Soda, NaHCO3 could have a beneficial effect in cancer.

There are no shortage of web sites purportedly by MDs stating there is “no evidence of beneficial effect whatsoever”, etc. etc.

I was therefore surprised when a short search of the medical literature revealed a number of recent studies demonstrating beneficial effects of bicarbonate on tumors. These include:

A study showing tumor reduction and greatly enhanced survival in mice;

However, it remains possible that this effect may be specific for buffers in the bicarbonate/CO2 family through involvement of carbonic anhydrase activity, which is important to pH regulation in tumors ( 46). Notwithstanding these concerns, however, the dramatic effect of bicarbonate therapy on the formation of breast cancer metastases in this model system warrants further investigation.

A simulation study detailing the possible chemical pathways.

In conclusion, our study, using mathematical models informed by realistic parameter values ( 47– 50), finds that p.o. administration of clinically feasible amounts of NaHCO3 may be sufficient to increase the acidic intratumoral and peritumoral pHe in small tumors. Furthermore, the consequent changes in the tumor-host dynamics may inhibit tumor growth and invasion. Our results suggest further experimental exploration of systemic administration of pH buffers as a novel cancer therapy is warranted.



0 thoughts on “Scientific Evidence for Baking Soda Treatment of Cancer

  1. Its cheap, its accessible, its simple – no one can make vast sums of money from it so it surely cant work.

    Power to the people I say!

    • Glad you said that. I say a list of NIH funded projects related to pH
      control of tumors, and they all involve more exotic and presumably patented

  2. More correctly, sodium hydrogen carbonate. The effects of pH on cancers have been studied in many ways. A friend on ours spent a creer on it, from diagnosis through prevention to treatment. Old news. There are books on the pitfalls of rodent substitutes for humans. It is rare for a mice discovery to have a direct effect relatable to humans.

    The focus should perhaps be on the most effective way to deliver the treating drug to the exact locus needed for it to work, there to dump its payload. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is not very specific in its targeting capablilities, reacting with many types of acids in many locations.

    • This seems to be the first NaHCO3 study, and a doctor friend had to go to her online reference to find out about it.  Being a buffer it does not change blood pH but just correct the pH in acid locations.  Not a bad thing generally, which makes one wonder about other the efficacy on other acid syndromes such as inflammation. 

      Then there is Dr Simoncini  who introduces it into veins near tumors, but he got struck off.  Why are these guys Italian?

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