Grímsvötn Ultra-Plinian

The Grímsvötn has apparently gone ultra-Plinian with stratosphere reaching plumes to 20km. Wiki lists a VEI 6 eruption of this volcano in 8230 BC, so this has the potential to be a massive climate-impacting eruption on at least the scale of Mt Pinatubo.

HT Ron de Haan


0 thoughts on “Grímsvötn Ultra-Plinian

  1. This eruption currently doesn’t match up with Pinatubo by a long shot. Over the past century eruptions have been minor lasting between several day’s up to three weeks.

    During the Laki Eruption however this volcano was active too and this eruption lasted several years.
    “Grímsvötn has a southwest-northeast-trending fissure system, and the massive climate-impacting Laki fissure eruption of 1783-1784 was a part of the same fissure system. Grímsvötn was erupting at the same time as Laki during 1783, but continued to erupt until 1785. Because most of the volcano lies underneath Vatnajökull, most of its eruptions have been subglacial”.
    From wikipedia:ötnWe have to wait and see how long this one is going to take but for now this is no Pinatubo material.

      • I haven’t seen any ejecta figures yet but from my 2 cents worth of observational skills I guess it’s a Cat.4 at this moment in time.

        By the way, the Pinatubu plume reached an altitude of 35 km, that’s almost twice as high.

  2. Fromötn Volcano, IcelandKeflavík airport in Iceland has been closed due to the eruption of Grímsvötn volcano. Ashfall surrounding the volcano has already reached a thickness of half a centimetre. This is the largest eruption at Grímsvotn volcano in 100 years and larger than the one in Eyjafjallajökull last year. It is similar to the eruption of 1873 at Grímsvotn. A large glacial flood (Jokulhlaup) is not expected. This morning ash emissions reached a height of 15 to 18 kilometres, which is ten times more powerful than the last eruption in Grímsvötn in 2004.

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