Failure to Fearmonger

Failure to stress Hansen’s fear-mongering theory is misrepresentation of climate science and poor scholarship, according to ANU scholar.

The Cox-Stockwell commentary misrepresents Hansen’s role and his intention in posting the draft paper.

I recommend some of the comments.

Not only does this appear NOT to be “well understood”, it appears to be highly questionable if you read the comments in the link you provided. EG:

RALPH ALEXANDER – “The ‘big problem’ I referred to comes at the end of ice ages. Yes, the slight initial warming from the Milankovic effect could not have continued unless the temperature rise was amplified by positive feedbacks, including CO2 feedback. But my contention is that when the ice age was finally over, the temperature suddenly stopped going up and leveled out, yet CO2 continued to rise for another 600 or 800 years before plateauing.

This behavior is well-documented in the historical record and represents a major stumbling block for the CO2 hypothesis of global warming. How can rising CO2 in the atmosphere be the cause of escalating temperatures today, but not at ice-age terminations, when the mercury stood still as the CO2 level kept ascending?”

GEOFF DAVIES – “I don’t know the answer to your point about the end of warming, and it deserves to be investigated. Perhaps clouds became more important, for example.”


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