Drought Oops

Global warming probably didn’t cause the drought in Australia’s South-East Queensland according to a new paper from CSIRO.

Apparently the drought was caused when a discombobulation of the ENSO Modoki teleconnection transmogrified the rainfall into a distillation of the Johnny Walker spirulation at the convention center on Hayman Island during the post-positive phase of Pacific decadal osculation.

Being a post-postitive sceptic myself about droughts being caused by global warming, along with the IPCC, many of the worlds hydrological scientists, and most of the general population, I am pleased to see an anti-AGW report by the CSIRO press release team. They couldn’t help telegraphing their scepticism with ‘climate variability’, however, helpfully enclosing the term ‘climate variability’ in scare quotes to alert the unwary reader that ‘climate change’ cannot be ruled out (the adjective, anthropogenic, now regarded as superfluous in CSIRO press releases since it has been established beyond all doubt that all climate change is now anthropogenic in origin).

Mrs Liese Coulter (MScComm) used scare quotes again in reference to ‘the teams’ preferred methodology of “taking the average of results from a set of climate models [a]s the most effective way of ‘distilling’ a climate change signal”. A usage I fully approve of, being exclusively a red wine drinker myself and so quite unfamiliar with the fruits of the distillation employed by the ‘CSIRO’ team.

Have I made my point yet? This is not scientific explanation. It’s pseudo-scientific gobbledygook.


0 thoughts on “Drought Oops

  1. This from the abstract:
    “Such a breakdown occurred before 1950, indicating that multidecadal variability alone could potentially be responsible for the recent SEQ rainfall decline.”

    Despite the media release’s prevarication this is a major concession; maybe Cai has gone all Jimmy Cricket; luke will tell us.

  2. And here was I, quaintly clinging to the belief that global climate models had little skill in regions below continental size, or even global size.

    Maybe we should examine if a correlation exists between frequent visitors to the bookmaker and employment in climate forecasting. You know, people good at “distilling” the odds.

  3. I must admit that before this post i never realized the immense breadth and depth of command of Climate Science Terminology that David commands!!

  4. What an utterly shit post – doing all the usual techniques of misrepresentation and framing. You’re getting any fucking better are you? Taking the piss coz you’re too fucking dense to understand it. It’s old news anyway. And what from a some unpublished loons with big mouths? zzzzzzzz

  5. Mr. Luke,

    I find it quite humorous that you berate David for his alledged lack of understanding, yet, after years of posting you apparently still do not understand why people on your own side might ignore what you have to say!!

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