Happy Birthday Climategate!

As they used to say about the assassination of President Kennedy, “I remember where I was when I heard about it.” My first post a few days later was entitled Climategate. More was done in Climategate than in all the rebuttals of climate science alarmism that have been published.

So many things have changed since then, some good and some bad, qualifying Climategate as a truly defining event. Some of the things I have noticed:

  • Scientific society popinjays waving the IPCC consensus in our faces.
  • Burgeoning of sociological articles (Professor Naomi Oreskes) deconstructing the psychology of climate sceptics (mad).
  • ClimateAudit morphs from holding feet to the fire of science/stats, to seeking justice (sad).
  • Closing of the CCX, languishing of Cap-n-trade, death of the ETS.
  • Many more papers demonstrating climate models are worthless, effects other than CO2 causing climate change.
  • More rain!
  • RealClimate readership declines even further.

Some things I have not noticed since Climategate:

  • Improvement in the objectivity of climate science papers.
  • Acknowledgment that sceptics might be right and that CO2 emissions cannot cause the end of civilization as we know it.
  • Apologies for the sheer unprofessionalism exhibited therein.

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Climategate!

  1. Your note about ClimateAudit is interesting. I think that Steve Mc maintained a grace and even keel in the face of really ugly attacks for a number of years. Perhaps a big reason for that was an effort on his part to give the hockey team every benefit of the doubt. If so, reading all the e-mails (so many about him) must have been a really ugly walk down memory lane. Really ugly.

    Frankly, even now he is still quite a bit more even-tempered towards those who oppose him than I would likely be. I also imagine that he is really disappointed with the whitewashes and the overall failure of the scientific community to follow up. For years he showed that the emperor had no clothes, the proof became impossible to deny and yet — the BS continues. Enough to drive an honest man crazy.

    I think we have to be understanding on this one.

    • Sometimes I seem flippant as I use too few words. No criticism intended of CA and you can never turn back the clock. I think Steve said after the event that he felt his job was done.

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