Drought Paper Published

Published drought paper here and preprint here.


Stockwell, David R.B., 2010. Critique of Drought Models in the Australian Drought Exceptional Circumstances Report (DECR), Energy & Environment, 21:5, 425-436, DOI:10.1260/0958-305X.21.5.425, Link:http://multi-science.metapress.com/content/L4870G0N8Q064377


0 thoughts on “Drought Paper Published

  1. David, have you communicated your paper to Warwick Hughes? I’m sure he’d be very interested, because he’s been extremely critical of drought-planning in Australia.

    Also, I’d enjoy receiving a reprint of your paper, because I don’t have access to E&E. Your abstract is very understated.

    Given the current floods in Australia, I’d like to read your take on whether prior planning for extended droughts, based on climate modeling, is in any way responsible for the widespread destruction caused by the floods.

    • Pat, Yes, and I want to spread the paper further, but have a few challenges at present. Perhaps one approach to your question about climate modelling is to consider hypothetically whether any life would have been saved or property not lost if the policies pushed by climate scientists such as the ETS and alternative energy had been implemented. Clearly not, so they are at best useless social appendages. As to whether they have exacerbated the situation, that’s more complex, but I think probably not except for the contribution to complacency about these events.

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