Watts Tour at Emerald

Anthony’s Tour continues at a breakneck pace this week — with only four venues to go.

The talks at Emerald that I organized went quite well, considering this is a small regional town. About 80-100 people attended an teaser session during the Property Rights Australia meeting during the day, and around 40 attended at night. We got a standing ovation during the day — the first time for me! The crowd was a mixture of ages and sexes and I think messages of bureaucratic sloth and opportunism resonated with them. Central Queensland turned on one of its trademark sunsets for Anthony:

It was good to spend a bit of time with Anthony and catch up on the goss — well not really gossip, but about bloggers and the people behind the curtain. You know how it is, you tend to get a certain view of the people involved, but when you learn more about them, it turns out they are just regular people who put their hand up for something they believe in.

Anthony has done an exception job of standing up to a crushing schedule. All the 18 venues were organized by volunteers, people who put one hand up and the other hand in their own pockets to make this happen. Kudos to all involved.

I talked in Newcastle, Noosa as well, to an older crowd (except for a couple of spies who sat quietly and disappeared early). Its a pity as it would have been a worthwhile contribution to field questions from people in the trade. My slides are here.

We failed to get any real national coverage of the Tour, but the response from the local press was been fantastic. I was interviewed 4 times, and even once by the ABC which was a very peculiar interview, eg.

ABC: Most people think that global warming is a serious problem, why don’t you?
ABC: How do we know you (the climate sceptics party) in not an extreme right wing group?

I think presenting a contrary view is confusing people. I was trying to explain that we are the centerists, and if CSIRO only did a professional job of model validations instead of producing glossy pamphlets promulgating vague fears I would have nothing to complain about.

As the local press coverage has been good all over, it has no doubt had a greater effect than immediately apparent. Plenty of people who didn’t go to the talks have come up to me, so the message has got out there than not everyone believes global warming is an imminent catastrophe. At least the Greens are not going take over over without a fight.


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