Please discuss the new paper by Michael Beenstock and Yaniv Reingewertz here.

Way back in early 2006 I posted on an exchange with R. Kaufmann, whose cointegration modelling is referenced in the paper, entitled Peer censorship and fraud. He was complaining at RealClimate about the supression of these lines of inquiry by the general circulation modellers. The post gives a number of examples that were topical at the time. ClimateGate bears it out.

Steve McIntyre wrote a long post on the affair here.

[R]ealclimate’s commitment to their stated policy that “serious rebuttals and discussions are welcomed” in the context that they devoted a post to criticize Ross and me and then refused to post serious responses. In this case, they couldn’t get away with censoring Kaufmann, but it’s pretty clear that they didn’t want to have a “serious” discussion online.

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