Monckton's talk

A few impressions from Monckton’s talk at the Brisbane Irish Club, providing some novel points not seen elsewhere. Some interesting impressions did come out of it.

I found Monckton (and Plimer) a little disappointing in quality of presentation and slides. A fair bit of time was put into boosting the audience, but his essential points on low climate sensitivity were rushed over.

Plimer gave a hand-waving review of geological history, making the point that CO2 has never been responsible for the large temperature changes in the past.

Bob Carter who chaired the meeting in contrast was in control, well dressed and focused. I would go to see his presentations any day.

Monkton singled out a paper by Pinker which I assume is Do satellites detect trends in surface solar radiation? by RT Pinker, B Zhang, EG Dutton – Science, 2005 – (‘global brightening’). I will try to get a hold of it.

The mention of nuclear energy got applause. It seems inconsistent that lack of concern with CO2 should lead to favoring nuclear energy. I think the concern is more that the country is being taken in the wrong direction by the Greens: ETS (increased tax, more government regulation). Rather, the view of the attendees seemed to be that the country should embrace technology, industry, and keep up with the rest of the world. The point that Australia and Canada together could control most of the worlds uranium supply was floated.

Its gratifying to see the IPCC report, and particularly the climate effects parts, finally being viewed as veiled Green advocacy. You have to wonder why the sudden revelation, when the report has not changed. I remember Ross McKitrick’s documented accusation a while back they fabricated data to suppress his UHI results. Lets change the name to the Inter-Galactic Porky Creation Center and leave it at that.


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