Torok and Nicholls Adjusted Network II

Continuing my preliminary look into the Torok and Nicholls Adjusted Network of Australian temperatures, I now focus on the mean monthly minimum temperatures. As shown in the previous post, maximum temperatures are flat from 1850 to the 1990s, only the minimums show global warming. The annual means usually shown are based on the average of the minimum and the maximum, so there is no point in examining anything other than minimum temperatures.


Above are the monthly minimum temperatures for the TN adjustment (in orange) and the annual high quality network (in blue).


The distribution of the monthly minimum values has an unusual bimodal distribution. The distribution appears to shift evenly from before 1950 to after 1950. Nothing very interesting there.


Above is a run of EMD on the monthly minimum data. There is some modulation of amplitude that shows in the 2 highest IMFs. All the IMFs are listed below.


All in all, nothing much to see here. On to the daily data, thanks to the readers who helped with the downloading. I think the problem seems to be with the ftp client, which seems to be detaching for some reason.


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