Productivity of Google Reader

The Google Reader tool is quite the step forward in productivity. Here are some of its most productive features.

Subscribe: to blogs, and create a single goto place to read blogs in a consistent format. Quickly scanning the blog posts in plain text is easier and quicker, as there are no ads or popups that get loaded if you go to the main website.

All Items: For someone like me who scans upwards of 20 blogs a day, the All Items tag lists all new posts from all subscribed blogs. You know which blogs have new posts, and a short summary to tell you if they are interesting enough to read. Save a lot of time going to each site.

Subscribe to Comments: Many blogs have a feature to subscribe to new comments, as well as new posts, so you can stay up to date with the conversation.

The Google Reader has entirely replaced my email subscription list, considerably uncluttering my inbox. Highly recommended.


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