New tests and enhancements to WikiChecks

I have tweaked the interface of WikiChecks and added some new analysis. It will take a range of analysis before I get a good enough sample, but already there is an amazing degree of insight coming out of this technique. Below is a list of some of the new additions, and whether the last digit deviates from randomness.

PDO Monthly values, significant, excess 6’s, possibly massaged.
Fidelity Mutual Fund daily adjusted price, not significant
UBS AG hedge fund monthly returns, not significant
MSCI Barra Hedge Funds, significant, excess 0’s and 5’s, possibly rounding.
CAL Global Hedge Fund, not significant

Somebody added the PDO Monthly values, which turned up a significant excess of sixes. In other tests I have done, and in the literature, excess of 6 is a sign that human preferences are influencing the numbers.

Whoever recently added PDO Monthly values had a problem, and I have changed the interface to overcome it. Its set up so that the data sets people enter are recorded as posts, so everyone benefits from the results. So if you have a data set you want to try, be it science or finance or something else, please feel free to give it a go. I will be watching to make sure tests goes through, and improve the system with use.


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