A reported increase in the longwave downward radiation in the Swiss Alps, proves the ‘‘theory’’ of greenhouse warming with direct radiation observations according to this paper, “Radiative forcing – measured at Earth’s surface – corroborate the increasing greenhouse effect”, by Rolf Philipona, Bruno Durr, Christoph Marty, Atsumu Ohmura and Martin Wild.

Supposed direct observational proofs of the enhanced greenhouse effect have been reviewed here in the past.

  1. Rahmstorf, who claimed climate responding faster than expected on the basis of a dubious graph with no statistical test;
  2. Harries who claimed to detect the greenhouse effect from CO2 spectral brightening but whose later (underreported) publications were much more equivocal;
  3. Soden, whose claims to have detected increase in specific water vapor from
    spectral brightening were reported as proof in the IPCC AR4, despite conflicting evidence.

Any comments on this radiative proof from the radiation experts here?

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