Below is the email received a month ago from Dr Andrew Ash, Director of the Climate Adaptation Flagship, promising a formal response to issues raised about the Drought Exceptional Circumstances Report (DECR) concerning no apparent attempt at validation of the climate models for drought in the report, or evidence of skill at modeling drought. No reply has been forthcoming to date.

from xxx@csiro.au
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date Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 2:35 PM
subject RE: Drought Exceptional Circumstances Report
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Dear David,

Kevin is currently on leave (due back next week). When he returns we will provide a formal response to your review of the Drought Exceptional Circumstances Report that was forwarded to me (dated September 3).



Andrew Ash
CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship
306 Carmody Rd
St Lucia
Qld 4067
Ph 61-7-32142346 Fax: 61-7-32142308

I must say that I’m surprised at the recklessness of Ash and Hennessy, both as individuals and as employees representing a presumably responsible organization, in making promises they don’t, won’t, or can’t keep.