Avoid Bias in Climate Research

The author Paul Spite invites reviews at WikiChecks of his book “A Climate Crisis a la Gore.” It is organized as follows:

• Introduction – What motivated the assembly of this research for
public use.

• Part 1 – excerpted ideas from Mr. Gore’s book, The Assault on
Reason, regarding what he claims to be the proper and reasonable way to
enter an argument or evidence in the marketplace of ideas, the forum of
reason, the real power behind democracy.

• Part 2 – An event by event analysis of the claims presented by Mr.
Gore in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. These are evaluated with
simple logic, claims elsewhere in the documentary, the principles of
reasoning found in Mr. Gore’s latest book, and against scientific
research and findings regarding the subjects of his claims.

• Part 3 – A discussion of the players and special interest groups
active in creating the perception of a crisis involving global climate. The
history of the movement is examined, motives behind involvement, dollar
amounts of profit already being reaped by the various promoters, and what
else they stand to gain if America enacts carbon legislation.

• Conclusion – The coming economic storm resulting from an enactment of
carbon cap-and-trade legislation and a plea to readers to contact
legislators requesting any such laws be reconsidered.


0 thoughts on “Avoid Bias in Climate Research

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