Niche business becoming a commodity.

Niche products, niche businesses, niche markets — small businesses are often qualified as surviving in niches, finding their niche, defining or redefining their niche. Most people think entrepreneurs start their own business, but most buy running ventures, like franchises, already in surviving niches. Steps to understanding and predicting quantitative business niches are in early stages.

Here are some sources of numeric information that could be used. Web listing of businesses for sale on the web have improved the tradability of all assets, including businesses themselves to the point they are becoming more like commodities. Here are some sources of numeric information.

Businesses for Sale “Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Businesses” is an international source of businesses for sale.

BizBuySell is “The Internet’s Largest Business For Sale Marketplace”. This site includes ‘fire sales’ of assets, and business liquidations. Includes cost, gross and net return data.

BizQuest “A business for sale marketplace” is a marketplace of 1000s of businesses for sale and includes resources for buying a business or selling your business online. Includes cost, gross and net return data. “Showing you what others overlook” posts off the wall articles on a variety of different topics and tracks how well they do with AdSense in terms of per click averages.

Business Nation “Small business website: information & ideas for starting a small business or home business startup, small business start-up website links, business start-up info…” covers all bases.

Of course Yahoo Directory lists a wide range of resources.

Any more good ones?


0 thoughts on “Niche business becoming a commodity.

  1. Thanks for the list, I agree yahoo directory is quite good and I think many neglect it not realizing its usefulness. Business For Sale is my preferred site but some of the others are new to me and I will be seeing what they have to offer.

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