Global Distribution Models of Species

To develop global distribution models of species you need global data. A major component of the datamining methodology in WhyWhere is access to a large number of global datasets. At last count over 1000 layers were available for download, testing for correlates and building models.

These are organized as lists. The following are the lists
with the number of global variables in each list in brackets. Clicking on
the link lists the files in the list, with links to the meta data,
a thumbnail image of the data, and the data itself in pgm
(portable gray map) image form.

I am in the process of moving the analytical software to a new server. I expect these lists to change as the new datasests are validated and put into place. However, the data should not change, although some of the conversions of larger files to thumbnails did not go through, and need to be completed. To be continued …


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