Ecological Niche PDFs

Resources: Controversial Topics — a source for new important information on Ecological Niche Modeling emerging from nightly searches for new images, web pages, videos, news articles and scientific articles.

Downloads: Peer-reviewed PDF’s on niche modelling theory, practice, biodiversity and information infrastructure.

  • David R.B. Stockwell, Improving ecological niche models by data mining large environmental datasets for surrogate models, Ecological Modelling 192 (2006) 188–196. PDF

  • Stockwell, D.R.B., Beach J.H., Stewart A., Vorontsov G., Vieglais D., and Scachetti Pereira R. 2006. The use of the GARP genetic algorithm and Internet grid computing in the Lifemapper world atlas of species biodiversity, Ecological Modelling. 195: 139-145. PDF
  • Stockwell DRB, Peterson AT, 2002. Effects of sample size on accuracy of species distribution models Ecological Modelling 148 (1): 1-13 FEB 1 2002 PDF
  • Stockwell D., A. Townsend Peterson, 2003. Comparison of resolution of methods used in mapping biodiversity patterns from point-occurrence data. Ecological Indicators 3 (2003) 213 221. PDF
  • Stockwell DRB, Noble IR, 1992. Induction of sets of rules from animal distribution data – a robust and informative method of data-analysis. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 33 (5-6): 385-390 APR 1992 PDF
  • Stockwell D.R.B. and D. Peters 1999. The GARP Modeling System: problems and solutions to automated spatial prediction. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 13:2 143-158 PDF.
  • Boston AN. and Stockwell DRB. 1995. Interactive species distribution reporting, mapping and modelling using the World Wide Web Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 28 (1995) 231-238 PDF
  • Stockwell DRB. 1997. Generic Predictive Systems: An Empirical Evaluation Using the Learning Base System (LBS) Expert Systems Wirh Applications Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 301-310, 1997 PDF
  • A. Townsend Peterson, Miguel A. Ortega-Huerta, Jeremy Bartley, Victor Sánchez-Cordero, Jorge Soberón, Robert H. Buddemeier, David R. B. Stockwell, Future projections for Mexican faunas under global climate change scenarios. Nature 416, 626 – 629 (11 Apr 2002) Letters to Nature. PDF
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