This week I am posting another quiz, although no-one has yet solved the Spaghetti Graph Quiz. This one, suggested Demetris Koutsoyiannis may require some statistical analysis to solve. I have plotted the points up, and converted them to an R statement below.


The Quiz: The following numbers are synthetic, generated by a mathematical model. Can anybody decompose it into components such as trends, periodicities or whatever, and can one infer the type of the generating model?

data< -c(0.057,0.204,0.469,0.108,0.422,0.046,0.437,0.175,0.371,0.085,0.487,0.602,0.633,0.854,0.529,0.579,0.260,0.695,0.564,0.181,0.991,0.679,0.657,0.648,0.392,0.543,0.293,0.769,0.183,0.932,0.538,0.339,0.335,0.978,0.732,0.325,0.760,0.821,0.651,0.554,0.374,0.692,0.982,0.922,0.604,0.815,0.969,0.986,0.859,0.940)

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